Bowel Reboot Herbal Mix

The bowels are made up of the small intestines, large intestines and the rectum. This is where the body absorbs nutrients and water from the food we eat and also where waste is removed. Normally the body has 3 bowel movements a day: once first thing in the morning, about 30 minutes after lunch and 30 minutes after dinner. Depending on our food choices, stress levels and emotions, sometimes bowel movements will slow and the bowels can become constipated. When […..]

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The Different Types of Collagen — and the Key Roles Each Plays

To truly understand how collagen works in your body, you must first learn about the different types of collagen. Researchers have identified at least 28 different types of collagen, and at least 16 types are found inside the human body. These include collagen types I, II, III, V and X. 1 So, what makes these collagen types different from one another? It really comes down to the variation in the sequence of amino acids found in each type. The different […..]

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Building A Store

Some Fun News! Herbal Reboot is expanding! We are building a store! Thank you to all my clients and customers for your support over the last couple years! I had never planned on being a life & health coach and herbalist, but life experiences sent me this direction and I am SO grateful they did! I LOVE sharing my story and helping others change their life’s outcomes.   The Plan The plan is to have the outer building and garage […..]

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