Some Fun News!

Herbal Reboot is expanding! We are building a store!

Thank you to all my clients and customers for your support over the last couple years! I had never planned on being a health & wellness coach and herbalist, but life experiences sent me this direction and I am SO grateful they did! I LOVE sharing my story and helping others change their life’s outcomes.


The Plan

The NEW STORE (and the addition to our house above the store) was planned to be finished mid 2019 time frame. But things took a lot longer than we had initially hoped. Our new timeframe for finishing will be Summer 2020. My husband is building everything himself and time is limited. I am grateful he is able to learn all the skills needed and that he is such a handy, creative guy to be able to figure all of this building stuff out! I will stick with herbs! ?? 


The Progress

 Pics coming soon…

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