Building A Store


Some Fun News!

Herbal Reboot is expanding! We are building a store!

Thank you to all my clients and customers for your support over the last couple years! I had never planned on being a life & health coach and herbalist, but life experiences sent me this direction and I am SO grateful they did! I LOVE sharing my story and helping others change their life’s outcomes.


The Plan

The plan is to have the outer building and garage started by the end of the year, November 2017. We are working on it over weekends and in free moments and hope to have the building finished in the Fall 2018 or so. The NEW STORE (and the addition to our house above the store) should be finished mid 2019 time frame. Since it will be on our personal property and is a home based business, there are some restrictions, so we are getting all the details worked out. The following months will be spent dreaming, designing, planning, filling out paperwork and shopping! I especially like the shopping part 😆! I will be posting pictures as we go along!


The Progress

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