Herbal Wellness Kit


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Looking for a cost effective way to get started with herbs? The Herbal Wellness Kit is great for getting started with a variety of herbal mixes! It’s great to have if you get sick, it’s a great gift idea and it’s great to take while traveling!! The Herbal Wellness Kit is $100 and comes with 12 herbal mixes in the 40 capsule bottles- Includes 1 bottle each of the Infection Mix, Sinus Mix, Lung & Bronchial Mix, Vitamin C Mix, Mushroom Mix, Daily Dose Mix, Chlorophyll Mix, Bowel Reboot Mix, Digestive Comfort Mix, Energy & Stamina Mix, Stress Away Mix and the Urinary Mix. Or you can Customize your herbal mixes and pick your own!! *There is an added cost for the Female Mix, Hormone Mix and Menopause Mix bottles if you choose to customize your Herbal Wellness Kit and add any of those 3 mixes 👍🏻


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