Tulsi Herbal Tea


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Tulsi (Holy Basil) has been used for thousands of years in Ayurveda for its powerful and diverse therapeutic properties. This wonderful blend combines all three Holy basil varieties to create a delicious tea that’s calming, yet energizing. A well-balanced herbal tea to promote health and well-being and a relaxed, balanced state for both mind and body.

The tea bag paper used to make our tea bags is manufactured from a specially selected blend of manila hemp fiber derived from the leaf stalks of the arbacá plant, cellulose, and thermoplastic fibers, making it strong and durable with a high wet strength. The paper is free of dyes, adhesive, and glue, and is oxygen-bleached (no chlorine used), therefore eliminating dioxins. Compliant for all food standards, including organic. Non-GMO and free of allergens and epichlorohydrin.

Ingredients: Organic Krishna Holy Basil Leaf, Organic Rama Holy Basil Leaf, and Organic Vana Holy Basil Leaf.

Warning: Not to be used during pregnancy.

Directions: Pour 8 oz of simmering water (170-180° F) over 1 tea bag. Steep 2-3 minutes. Add sweetener of choice.


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