What is Structured Water?


Structured (or hexagonal) water is the water that’s found in nature and even in our cells. It’s the most bio-availalbe state of water. When water is mechanically filtered, treated with chemicals and contaminated with various pollutants or toxins the structure changes and the water loses some of its healing benefits.

 Science is now telling us that the structure of water is more important than the chemical composition. There’s a difference between “chaotic”, non structured water and the structured (hexagonal) water that can be found in flowing rivers.

Under The Microscope


Structured water looks like beautiful crystals under a microscope, and you can taste the difference!! A glass of tap water vs a glass of structured tap water is noticeably different, the structured water has a smooth soft taste that is much more appealing when compared.

Benefits of Structured Water


-increased energy
-increased absorption of vitamins, minerals and nutrients
-improved concentration and memory
-promotes weight loss and weight maintenance
-promotes better sleep
-supports a healthy immune system
-helps detoxify the body
-promotes good digestion and reduces constipation
-promotes longer life
-improves skin complexion and circulation
-helps stabilize blood sugar
Your body is 60 – 80 % water! Just imagine what drinking structured water can do for you! 

How We Structure Our Water


It’s really very simple. We use the Medic Green Ultra Somavedic Device to structure our water. After 20 minutes of structuring you can immediately taste the difference! It has a very smooth, enjoyable taste. After drinking, you will notice an improvement in energy, physical wellbeing, reduced headaches, increased hydration, improved detoxification of the body, and the list goes on…

Where To Get Structured Water?



Here at Herbal Reboot we have a couple options for how to get you started with Structured Water:


1.  Purchase Structured Fiji Water – We started with FIJI Natural Artesian Water that naturally contains minerals and electrolytes as it was filtered through the volcanic rock in Fiji and then we use our Medic Green Ultra Somavedic Device to structure the water. Water Bottles are available in 500 ml (1.05 PT) or 1.5 Liter (1.58 QT) Sizes. https://herbalreboot.com/product/structured-fiji-water/


2. Bring your own gallon of tap or filtered water ($5/gallon) and let it structure during your 20 minute (or longer) appointment. It can sit and structure while you do an iTOVi Health Scan, Red Light Therapy Session, Relaxation Session or Consultation. Win Win!

3. Purchase your own Somavedic Device – In addition to structuring water the Medic Green Ultra Somavedic Device or Amber Somavedic Device also reliably mitigate unwanted influences and protect you from the EMF radiation from 4G & 5G, Wifi & phones, geopathic stress & water crosses, curry and hartmann lines, oxidative stress & free radicals within a 100 ft radius. Being within 100 ft of this device benefits the cardiovascular system and nervous system, improves heart rate variability, circulation and internal balance, significantly improves sedimentation in the body, improves hydration, detoxifies the body and boosts the immune system. If this is a device you would like to have in your home, purchase using the discount code HERBALREBOOT for 10% off your order. https://somavedic.com/discount/herbalreboot
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